NEW SPECIALLY DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY joined together in a collaboration between Big Image & Printed wings, with the enthusiasm from a leading wing manufacturer who built the platform for this new and innovative service to the global market. Years of R&D and testing has opened the window of printing on rip-stop nylon in a way that does not deform the material, integrates with the fibres and allows for a durable UV resistant high quality print. New technological advances, methods and software have been developed for this incredible result.

Benefits using this technology:

  • Design possibilities are limitless
  • 16,7 million colours to choose from
  • Smoother airflow around the wing, thanks to it's clean top & bottom surfaces
  • Less overall glider weight
  • Advertising, promotional campaigns & finding sponsors  
  • Unique personalisation

We offer our services and technology to all paraglider and parachute manufacturers, and everyone who understands what this can bring to their products. | Let your imagination fly!

Our Footprint


We are proud to announce our facilities have an environmentally clean production policy.

  • Our facilities are carbon neutral and supports the United Nations-certified projects to offset carbon dioxide.
  • ISO certified for environment (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 9001), this means that production is done in an environmentally sound manner, and also in constant improvement.
  • Our production is driven by electricity from wind power.
  • Excess materials from our production are converted into heat.
  • We continuously test new fabrics, new ink and new production methods - always with the environment in mind.