Frequently asked questions

+ How much does printing cost?

Our services cost 55€ / m2 when ordering a single surface print. -10% discount is applicable when ordering a double surface print. If you are interested in ordering multiple printed wings of the same model, make an enquiry and we will get back to you with a discounted offer.

+ Are printed wings expensive?

No, not compared with what you get.

With our unique digital printing technology you get:

  • Digital printing of whatever you want: Super high resolution photographs, advanced graphic art or a seamless blend between these two.
  • 16.7 million colors
  • Digital print on every square-inch of your canopy surface (if wanted)
  • Close to zero added weight of your glider, due to the ink
  • Saved weight compared to a standard wing, due to less stitching of printed canopy panels
  • Smoother airflow over the wing surface, due to fewer seems disturbing the air, hence improved wing performance.
  • A digital print that looks as good as the rest of the wing, for the whole technical lifespan of the glider.
  • You can fly a complete complex company campaign (mixed photo/graphics/logo) for a sponsor- same as seen on buses, billboards etc. Printed Wings is truly something new and super cost-effective to offer any company, small, medium or big, wanting to enhance the existing marketing platforms with bringing the clients in-house- now with owning the sky. This instead of moderate logotypes and plain text messages in single colors- mounted with the most in common old methods; i.e. adhesive film or stitching.
  • Printed wings are, despite the stunning possibilities, not more expensive compared with old methods of bringing a wing message to the sky. The old methods are in most cases equal in cost, or even above in cost, depending of the complexity, size and numbers of the logo / artwork / message, due to labor intense manufacturing and mounting on the wing. The old methods ads weight (adhesive film) and drag (stitching), both methods are limited in size & lifespan and only single options are available of each base color (red, green, blue etc.).

A market survey about custom artwork on wings has been created by American Paragliding, detailling other existing methods.

This survey helps you get an understanding that all previous methods for making custom wings are thing of the past and that Printed Wings will re-define flying publicity and wing customization

+ Is the product printed before or after assembly?

We print and cut the fabric panels before the assembly of the product.

+ How long is the printing process?

Our lead-time is 16 days for all products. Our prints are then sent to the brand of your choice ready for assembly.

+ How durable are your prints?

Maintained correctly the durability of our prints are as good as the original fabric.

+ How should I maintain my printed wing?

Do not pack your printed product too tightly, and insure your product is completely dry & has no insects inside when rolled up in the storage bag. Do not drag your printed product on the ground. Store in a dry environment.

+ If I choose a single surface print, what are my options for the other surface?

If you choose to print a single surface top OR bottom. Please specify when checking out, how you would like the other surface to be assembled, either as standard or Uni coloured.

+ Interested in flying a sponsored wing?

With our digital printing technology breakthrough, you have never been closer to land a deal for flying a company sponsored wing:

  • You can fly a complete complex company campaign (mixed photo/graphics/logo) for a company sponsor same as seen on buses, billboards etc. Printed Wings is truly something new and super cost effective to offer to all companies, small, medium or big, searching to expand their existing marketing platforms, maximising their exposure by owning the sky. Printed wings are taking flying publicity to a whole new level compared to old common methods i.e. adhesive film or stitching. (see FAQ “Are printed wings expensive?”)

Get in touch with graphics artists capable of creating awesome designs for both private & professional purposes.

+ Where can I find artwork for my printed wing?

Check out our design catalogue, if you want to create your own please click on our custom artwork page or we can put you in contact.

+ I like the designs, can I get something similar?

Yes! Please contact us at stating the designs you like.

+ Which wing brands can I choose to print?

Check out our Partners page. You can also make a simulation of buying a design from our catalogue, where you can choose from a more detailed product list.

+ Will printing affect any characteristics of my flying products?

For certain printed products like paragliders, printing will in many cases lower the overall weight (due to less stitching) of a standard product as well as smoothen the airflow (also, due to less stitching) around the profile, as each cell will have minimum surface panels. Digitally printing on wings is the only way your design or campaign can be realised without affecting the standard flight characteristics of the wing.

+ How can I order my printed wing?

To start your order, you can either make a deposit on our shop or you can order directly through our partners, once your deposit is made we will start processing your order, you will be then contacted by your chosen brand with a total quote of your printed wing minus your deposit if purchased via our website. If you are looking for a product which is not listed, please make an enquiry and we'll contact the wing brand in question.

+ Which fabrics can you print on?

Check out our partners page, if you are interested in printing a fabric which isn't listed, we'll be happy to run test prints and send you samples. Send us an email to

+ Can I print other products?

Yes, our expertise covers multiple industries. Get in touch with at for more details.